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At Reno Plumbing Doctor we do it all, and with our Up-Front Menu Pricing, you know exactly what you are paying before we even begin our work. Where most companies give “estimates”, we give “exact” prices, and with our fully-stocked plumbing service trucks, our plumbers are equipped to do any job right on the spot, so you save time and money. With Reno Plumbing Doctor, you aren’t paying a plumber by the hour to drive around hunting down parts, you are only paying for the plumbing services that you need. We take pride in being able to solve your plumbing problem without taking up too much of your valuable time. Offering complete plumbing services to Reno and Sparks.

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reno nevada plumbers

Services We Provide

Water Heater Repair
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Drain Cleaning
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Mark H, owner/plumber of Reno Plumbing Doctor is the real Doctor when it comes to water heater and all your plumbing needs.He even drives a van that looks like an emergency ambulance ready to respond to any emergency needs. Great job, Doc Mark!

A C., Yelp

I needed a new 75 gallon hot water heater. The quote I got was $400 to $800 cheaper than two other plumbers I called. Dave and his helper did a great job and were very professional. I would highly recommend this company for your plumbing needs!

I called the “Plumbing Doctor” this morning and received a quick call back. I was fortunate to get a quick appointment with this outstanding company. Mark, the Field Manager, who did the work, called before he drove out to my rental house and asked me what the problem was. I told him it was a leaky bath tub faucet. He asked me if I could locate a brand name on the faucet. After looking at the unit, I told him the name. He did this to save time (and purchase it in advance) in the event he did not have it on his van.

As it turned out, he had parts for this specific brand in his very modern and large van. There are colorful “Plumbing Doctor” logos on all sides of this vehicle. I have used several plumbers in the area, but Mark is by far the best and most professional plumber I have ever worked with. First, he has a price list so you can clearly see what you will be charged for all plumbing services (and I found it very reasonable indeed). I am tired of vendors doing work and then charge high prices that they seem to make out of thin air with no rationale what so ever. A price list keeps vendors honest (are you reading this vendors!!!).

Mark recently received a one star rating from a business who complained about billing (this business did not use Mark’s service to find out the extreme quality), are you kidding me?? Please pay no attention to that rating. I can tell you from experience, that Mark and his business are legitimate and honest as they come!! That business totally missed out on on a high quality plumber. Second, his work totally exceeded the price I paid. Plumbing Doctor was the 2nd business I called to fix this problem (the 1st business could not fix it), but Mark fixed it perfectly with no problems.

I watched Mark work and he explained what he was doing and why he was doing it. He has all the tools and the experience to tackle the toughest jobs. He leaves the work area clean and uses special caulking to leave a nice, clean finish. Lastly, I highly recommend the “Plumbing Doctor” for any landlord, homeowner or business who wants quality work at a reasonable price.

Roy B., Yelp

Our water heater quit working so we called the Plumbing Dr. based on their reviews. I spoke with Mark, who I believe is the owner. He was very polite, professional and immediately came to my house and assessed the problem. They gave me options but I decided to have the water heater replaced. They immediately started the job and had it replaced in about 3-4 hours. They did an outstanding job and were professional from start to finish. They also provided a full 3 year warranty and limited 6 year warranty. Total cost was 1700 dollars. A strong recommendation from me!!

Randy S., Yelp

They did a great job for us on our water heater! A part went out, he knew immediately over the phone what the issue was. Scheduled an appointment the next day. It was a very fast fix and we’re so thankful to have hot water!!

Lindsay M, yelp

The best professional company for repairs I have experienced in Reno ! Mark has been the plumber sent to my home twice now and I am amazed and thankful for his professionalism, honesty and knowledge. He’s not afraid to share what he knows and educate you on little things you can do on your own. My recent experience tops it all because Plumbing Doctor had him respond within an hour of me calling. I had a job that I should never have let anyone else touch besides the Plumbing Doctor. Lesson learned and they are my Go To Guys !!

Michelle B., Yelp

09/22/2016 Wow! We had to replace our sewer main, which we have known for a couple of years now. We called Mark as we were impressed with his service the first time when we needed help with a clogged drain. All I can say is they are the most professional, timely, hardworking crew we have ever dealt with in all my dealings with plumbers EVER! They did exactly the job they had mapped out within the time frame they had predicted. The yard is back in shape like they had never been here. The price is very reasonable. Very impressed! We will definitely use in the future and I highly recommend Reno Plumbing Doctor.

Jack D., yelp

I should have written this review last year, but my husband had recently passed away and my mind couldn’t take any more.
Our bathroom drains were backing up, my nephew and grandson had tried without success to ream out the drains and we had to call a plumber.
Didn’t want to call either of the other two (who shall remain nameless) that we had used before. The prices were outrageous! The Plumbing Doctor was new to me, so I gave him a call. Mark arrived promptly, and did his best to reopen the drains that day, reaming it out as far as the street, without success. I asked how much I owed him, and he said he would come back the next day, that he couldn’t charge me if he couldn’t open the drains. The City of Reno was working on the sewer system and we have had problems with sewer backup before when they were working.
The next day Mark returned. I called and told him that the City was out in front of the house. He went out to speak with the workers, then returned telling me that we were blocked at the street with a huge plug of baby wipes which we do not use, so I assume that when the workers were flushing the sewer it was washed down to us from further on. Mark then flushed out our sewer again, this time successfully. His cost for all of the time spent with us was very reasonable, He was kind, courteous, and considerate. I will call him again.He is the best!

Madelyn C, Yelp

We had a great experience with Mark from Reno Plumbing Doctor. We had a pipe leaking underground on the side of the house. He rearranged some other appointments to get out to us the next morning. He fixed the problem and actually charged under the original price quoted! Mark was professional and explained exactly what the problem was and what he proposed to fix it. We were happy with the quick, courteous service and recommend this plumbing service.

Nancy S., Yelp